How Do I Pack Bulky Items?

For those flying to Cooperstown you have the extra hurdle of packing your equipment and over-sized items.

Here are some tips and trips I've collected:

BULKY ITEMS (coolers, box fans, wagon)

1) Rent the items from a local company. Triple Play Rentals has really fair pricing.

2) Connect with a team who is attending the week prior to yours and arrange buying their equipment. The Facebook groups are a great way to find teams!

3) Buy items at local stores.

4) Check if your rental property provides any items.

5) All Star Village offers a Bunkhouse Accommodations Package for $600 (bed sheets, ASV logo pillow cases & blankets, cooler with wheels, oscillating fan, bed hooks, case of gatorade).

BEDDING (pillow & blanket)

1) Bring a sheet and pillowcase in their original packaging. I know you can't wash it first, but the packaging is optimized for packing.

2) Get vaccum-sealed bags. This would be a good option with a hand pump for packing on the way home. 

3) See list above for options.

BASEBALL EQUIPMENT (bats, cleats, helmet, bat bag)

1) Your best bet is to use your baseball bag as your carry on. Put your helmet, glove and cleats inside. You'll need to store in the overhead compartment, but you'll have the confidence your equipment made it on the trip. If it is too bulky, remove your cleats first.

As for the bat, this is the trickiest part since you cannot carry it on the plane.

1) Is anyone from your team or area driving? Give them your bat, some gas money, and a big thank you for helping you out!

2) Place your bat diagonally at the bottom of your suitcase and ideally a hard shell suitcase so your bat is compromised. You'll need to have larger luggage or a smaller bat. Make sure it is protected by surrounding it with soft items.

3) Buy a travel case or catcher's bag for bats to check with other luggage. If you have a travel golf bag this can work too. You will likely need to pay an oversize luggage fee, but if multiple families pack their bats you can split the charge.

Safe travels!




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