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When can I expect my preorder items?

We're excited to launch Coop Kit! We plan to take pre-orders through the end of January '24 and have kits shipped to you in April '24, plenty of time before you head out to NY! We will keep you updated via email.

How will my items arrive?

The benefit of a kit is to have everything you need in one place. The majority of all of the items will fit into the drawstring bag to make it easy for packing when the time arrives. They'll be shipped to you in a standard box, ground shipping free!

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns or provide refunds given we're a new small business. The only exceptions to our no refund policy is for: defective or damaged items: In the case of items that are received defective or damaged, please report this within 7 days of receiving the item. In such cases, a replacement may be provided.

Do you offer a discount if we order as a team?

Yes! Check out our Grand Slam Kit. If 10 or more players on your team want to order a kit you can get special pricing of $90/ kit (good through February 29, 2024). 

How do the knickers fit?

True to size, I've tested with my sons and a few of their teammates ranging from Youth Medium to Adult Medium. The brand is CHAMPRO. Here is their sizing chart. The benefit of knickers is there is some leeway on where they fall on your player's leg (compared to a full leg pant which is more obvious when it is too short or too long).

What items do I really need for Cooperstown?

We polled parents who attended Cooperstown previously and asked which items they purchased and used, Coop Kit represents a collection of those most used items.

  • LOCKS: Keep your player's items safe. 
  • SHOWER CADDY: Easy transport of toiletries to the shower. 
  • LAUNDRY BAG: Collect your player’s personal dirty clothes (uniforms will be washed on site).
  • HOOKS: Keep your player organized and help dry swim suits and towels on the bunk.
  • DRAWSTRING BAG: Great for packing and pin trading. 
  • AVERY STICKER LABELS: Fast and easy labeling of important items--no iron, just a permanent marker needed.
  • FAN: Keep your player cool. Dreams Park does not have air conditioning, also recommended to help air flow in All Star Village bunks.

For details on all items to pack, check out our blog post.

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