Which Kit is Right for You?

Ready for the Barracks: Great option if you already own knickers

Look Good, Play Good: Keep your uniform and your player clean (recommended for All Star Village players as you don't need locks)

Home Run: All the Cooperstown experience essentials

Want a Grand Slam Team Order?

Get special pricing when you order a Coop Kit for everyone on your team!

Grand Slam Pricing
  • Jen D.

    Coop kit is genius and exactly what is needed for baseball families as they prepare for a week at Cooperstown. For those of us who haven’t sent their kids away to camp, it is a stressful packing experience and having something like coop kit provides organization and ease.

    Dreams Park '23

  • Marie S.

    I wish I had Coop Kit when my son went to Cooperstown. I didn’t have time to sort through all the emails and figure out what I needed to buy. A trusted source would have been a game changer.

    Dreams Park '23

  • Jen H.

    I am a working mom of 2 boys and always looking for ideas to get tasks done in the most efficient manner. There were multiple lists of items that might be needed and information on various websites / social media. It took significant time to go through these lists, discuss with other moms and then purchase the needed items.I think this is a great idea for anyone with a son going to Cooperstown!!

    Dreams Park '23

  • Damien H.

    We did not have options like this when my son went to Cooperstown. It would have been nice. 

    Dad & Coach

    USA Prime

    Dreams Park '19 & '24

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