8 Tips for Cooperstown Pin Trading

8 Tips for Cooperstown Pin Trading

Pin Trading is one of the best parts of Cooperstown! Everyone can play a role…players, coaches, umps, siblings, staff!


Here are my 8 Team Mom Tips for Cooperstown Pin Trading: 

1. PLAN AHEAD: Plan and order early, at least 3 months in advance to allow for design, production, and shipping. It's never too early!

2. ORDER ENOUGH: Call the park to see how many teams they expect for your week and plan for 20-25% over (example 98 teams, bring 120 pins per player). This allows for trading with other teams, umps, siblings, etc. 

3. STAND OUT: Create a “specialty” pin. Our team had a glow-in-the-dark and one with spinning dice! I had parents contacting me on Facebook after the tournament willing to pay for them! Do a limited quantity to truly keep special (think 10 for each kid). This also became the design for our tshirts. 


4. INCLUDE SIBLINGS: You can make them a special pin or just order extra of your main pin. This keeps them busy and makes them part of the experience!

5. STORE SAFELY: Lock up the pins! Unfortunately pins have been known to go missing from the barracks. ASV has one team locker and Dreams has footlockers for each player, lock them up!

6. BE PREPARED: Things you’ll want your player to have to make trading easier:

  • Drawstring bag (you get one with Coop Kit) to carry the pins
  • Towels or a case organize and store the pins they’ve collected! You can buy them at the parks or online. A personalized pin towel with your team's logo would be a cool item to include in a swag bag! Check out Cooperstown Swag from a fellow Team Mom!

Dreams Park Towel

Dreams Park Bag/Case

ASV Towel

ASV Bag/Case

7. HAVE A TEAM CHECKLIST:  For Dreams Park, a few days before your tournament starts, a list of the teams attending will be published on the app and website. Print this and send with your player so he can keep track of which pins are still needed. For All Star Village, they will have printed lists available at the info booth (new this year!)

8. USE FACEBOOK GROUPS: After the tournament ends, the groups you once relied on for all your answers will become pin trading sites. If you still need to complete your collection this is a great way to find those missing pins.

More pin trading questions? Infiniti Pins are friendly experts in pin trading, with decades of experience in designing, producing, trading and collecting pins. Contact Infiniti Pins and tell them Coop Kit sent you!



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