What do I REALLY need to pack for Cooperstown?

Cooperstown Player Pack List Template

 Cooperstown Team Pack List 

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If you're like me, you've read through facebook comments and blog posts and are confused. That's why we started Team Mom and created Coop Kit....to make your life easier! We just launched Cooperstown Planning Made Easier, a 48 page eBook with 16 template & lists for only $20. You can share it with your direct team (just not others), that's only $2/ player!


Here is a player pack list that breaks up what you need into the following categories:


  • Bunk items
  • Toiletries/Shower 
  • Everyday
  • Game Day/Baseball

We created Coop Kit for those items you don't already have around your house ready-to-pack like shower caddy, laundry bag, hooks, clothing labels, etc. See which kit is right for you!

There are some differences between the Dreams Park and All Star Village Player experiences when it come to packing:

  • Players must wear knickers at Dreams Park (ASV can wear full pants or knickers) both must be all white
  • ASV players do NOT need individual locks. The barracks at Dreams have a footlocker for each player, ASV has one in-bunk locker for the team.


Now that you've got your player ready, there are items you'll want to coordinate as a team. For those of you who are flying to NY, that may also mean what are the items you're buying or borrowing upon arrival (box fans, coolers, etc.).

We created a Sign Up Genius for our team. This made sure we had what we needed (not too much and not too little). You can unlock this template by purchasing our eBook, you'll just need to make sure to have a SignUp Genius account.

Now your player is set, do you have your Mom bag ready for the season?



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