Feeding the Team on Game Day

I’m always thinking about my next meal. On game days my husband is focused on things like what time do we need to leave, how do get our boys in the right mindset, are their bags packed and ready, do we need to stop for gas…I’m thinking what’s the plan for lunch.

Some options are just not ideal...

Concessions: Hit or miss if concessions will be available and if they are is a hot dog or pretzel really going to cut it?

Team lunch: Good luck getting players and parents (30+ people) to order and eat in under 1 hour

Fast food: Maybe as a last resort, but we want our players and families to be fueled for success

The solution...group ordering!

My go-tos are some healthier options like Panera, Tropical Smoothie, and Chipotle. Jimmy Johns was my favorite, but they recently stopped group orders….NOOOO!

Here’s why group order works:

  • You can plan ahead, I like to send it the night before if we know our game schedule
  • Kids and parents can both find something to eat
  • Most locations will have delivery
  • It’s cheaper than DoorDash or Uber Eats
  • Food will arrive labeled by name–easy distribution 
  • You can be the hero to make sure that players and families are fed and it really only takes a few clicks

How to make it super easy:

  1. Set up an account with the restaurant (some require you to login to place a group order)
  2. Select Group Order
  3. Share the link with your team. Most offer the option to copy the link that you can post in your team comms, like TeamSnap, or you can email and text the link. 
  4. Let your team know the time you’ll be placing the order.
  5. Everyone adds their orders. The most important step is putting the name of who the food is for.
  6. Place the order. You will need to pay for it all, but think of all the credit card points you'll get!
  7. Food arrives–get a parent or two to help with distribution
  8. Screen grab a shot of the receipt and email/text it to the families so they can reimburse you for their portion. What did we do before Venmo?



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