Tips and Tricks for being the dj at your kids game

Hey DJ! Tips and Tricks for Being DJ at Your Kid's Games

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Have you volunteered (or been volun-told) to be the DJ for your kid’s sports team? I’ve been there too so have some tips and templates to share! Follow on Instagram for tips & recommendations @WeAreTeamMom. 


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Here are some tips I’ve learned along the way from other moms or from learning the hard way!


  • Talk with your coach to understand his/her expectations. They may not want walk ups, may want to have music during warm ups. Better to have this information up front.
  • Get song recommendations from coaches, players, and parents–the kids are most important to energize! I’ve gotten some ump requests too, never hurts to make Blue happy.
  • Make sure you’re downloading clean versions of the songs. Also time the cut in the app to start at the best part (ex. Lose Yourself by Eminem you’ll want to start at :31 when the beat drops)
  • Put your phone on silent! You don’t want phone calls or text notifications playing during the game. Once I forgot and then went on Instagram during the game and the video was playing over the speaker.
  • Check if the other team is playing music. If so, you don’t want to play over one another. Decide if you’ll play before your team bats or when they take the field. Keep it classy.
  • Music should stop before or as the batter enters the box.  


  • Place the speaker in a location where it can best be heard in the dugout and field. 
  • Establish some traditions–our boys liked to hear certain songs at certain times: Baby Shark before the game (yes Baby Shark), Seven Nation Army when they are battling from behind, Sunday Best on Sundays, Narco when we change pitchers.
  • If you have to leave to get food or use the bathroom, make sure to leave your phone with another parent so the Bluetooth doesn’t disconnect. 


  • Make sure to turn off the speaker to save power. Charge it once you get home.
  • I personally never play music after a game. We’ve had teams play “We Are The Champions” this just feels tacky, especially in youth sports. Clean up the dugout, head out, let the next team get their music going.

Blast that speaker and get a win!



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