Travel Sports Mom Survival Kit

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If you’re new to travel sports creating a Travel Sports Mom Survival kit is critical! Some call it a Mom Bag, you’ll learn this will be your trusty partner for surviving long weekends at the field (gym, rink, you name it). Note, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

The core elements of a Travel Sports Mom Survival Kit are:

  • Bag
  • Weather/Element Survival
  • Hunger Relief & Prevention
  • Medical & Beauty
  • Other Must Haves

  • BAG

    There are so many options, things you’ll want to consider:

    • Do you want zipper closure? 
    • Do you want team colors? Neutral?
    • Is it easy to clean?
    • Is it easy to carry? 
    • Does it look good?
    • How much does it cost?

    I’m probably on my 4th bag, and my current favorite is this Neoprene Bag.

    • Easy to clean
    • Lightweight
    • Looks cute
    • Plenty of storage
    • Comes in plenty of colors (I went for black to work with all my team sports)
    • There are zipper options, I personally like having easy access to the bag with items stored in clear zipper pouches. 

    Other popular bags: 

    Structured Tote: Sturdy/won’t tip over, most storage to fit extras like blankets, harder to carry

    Bogg Bag: Great for storage and accessories, a little clunky, no closure


    Travel Mom Survival Kit Weather Medical and Beauty Items

    We’re surviving rain, wind, snow, and sun…sometimes all in the same weekend! Here are my items that I always have at the ready:

    Hot/ Sun Survival

    • Sunscreen: The best sunscreen for moms hands-down. I’ve never burned and it gives you a natural glow. I wear it everyday and it lasts months. Worth the money!
    • Cooling towels: These are my favorite because they come in a case you can clip onto your player’s bag. LIFE HACK! I put water on these and put them in the freezer. They help to keep things in my cooler cool and don’t melt like ice.
    • Lume deodorant: For those long, hot days.
    • Bug spray

    Cold/Rain Survival:

    • Hand and toe warmers: These are the classics. I keep a box in my trunk so they’re always available. 
    • Fleece blankets


    I stock one of these clear zipper pouches with non-perishable snacks, helps for those long car rides or to help you save money from avoiding the concession stand.. Clear is key because it allows you to know when you’re running low. 

    • Frooze Balls are my favorite, yummy flavors and just the right amount to satiate hunger!
    • Liquid IV: turns any water bottle into an electrolyte drink
    • Protein bars, Granola bars, Applesauce packs, anything that will last


    • Bug Bite Thing- if you don’t have one, get one now! It’s likely someone on the team will get a sting or a bad bite. This thing works magic by sucking out the venom. I’ve saved the day at least 10 times with this one!
    • Tissues–Someone always has a runny or bloody nose. This type of tissue holder is my favorite because it’s easy to access in your bag or keep in your car cupholder. LIFE HACK! After it’s empty you can keep in your car as a mini garbage container!
    • Wipes: for spills, port-a-potty visits, bloody noses, you name it, you’ll need them.
    • Sunscreen
    • Lip balm
    • Nail file
    • Hair ties
    • First Aid Kit, Bandaids, Neosporin, Tylenol/ Advil, Tums


    Everything listed in here fits in my bag! Stock up now so you're ready for your first game!



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