What's In The Kit?

What items do I really need for Cooperstown?

We polled 100+ parents who attended Cooperstown and asked which items they purchased and used. Coop Kit takes out the guesswork by sending you the must have items!

All Coop Kit items are:

  • 12U Player Tested, Team Mom Approved
  • Packing-Friendly

🧼 LAUNDRY BAG: Collect your player’s personal dirty clothes. Uniforms will be washed on site, this will help you collect all of the other clothes. And honestly on the last day it became our catch all bag to pack quickly. 

🎒 DRAWSTRING BAG: Great for packing and pin trading. Can you ever have enough of these?

🛁 SHOWER CADDY: Easy transport of toiletries to the shower. Mesh caddy to make for easy packing and fast drying!

🏷️AVERY CLOTHING LABELS: Fast and easy labeling of your player's clothes. NO IRON, they're stickers and use a permanent marker!. You'll want to label your player's personal clothes as things can get messy in the bunkhouse. This is critical to identify your uniform items (socks, knickers, cup, etc.) that get washed together as a team.

🌬️ FAN: Keep your player cool. Dreams Park does not have air conditioning, also recommended to help air flow in All Star Village bunks. This is a small, clip-on, rechargable fan that can go right on your player's bunk.

🪝 HOOKS: Keep your player organized and dry.  Hang items like swim suits and towels to dry on the bunk.

🔒 LOCKS: Keep your player's items safe. Dreams Park has footlockers for each player. They'll want to keep valuable items, especially pins, locked up since the barrack doesn't have a lock on the main door. A standard padlock is too big.

⚾ KNICKERS: Two pairs all white, no-piping. These are required for Dreams Park. All Star Village allows full pants, but knickers are very popular especially in the summer!

🔵🔴 BELTS: 1 Red/Scarlet and 1 Blue/Navy. Required for their uniform, but not provided by the ball park.

3 Kits Available, starting at $60. See which is best for you!

For details on all items to pack, check out our blog post.