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Coop Kit by Team Mom

New! Cooperstown Planning Made Easier eBook & Templates

New! Cooperstown Planning Made Easier eBook & Templates

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**This product is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Cooperstown Dreams Park**

This document is for you if you...

  • Are looking for advice from moms who've been to Cooperstown Dreams Park
  • Are sick of trying to piece together advice from Facebook, blogs, other moms, and more
  • Have volunteered (or have been voluntold) to be the Team Mom
  • Are excited for the baseball experience of a lifetime!

Content Includes...

16 templates & lists to make planning easier

50 pages of information & tips on things like...swag bags, how to fly with baseball equipment, what you should pack (you, your player, and your team), how to set up your player's bunk, about the barracks, fundraising ideas, and more!

Get a headstart by having advice from moms who have been, all in one place!

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