7 Easy and Thoughtful Father's Day Gift Ideas

7 Easy and Thoughtful Father's Day Gift Ideas

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Now that Mother's Day has been celebrated, it's time to focus on the dads!

If your team will be playing this Father's Day make sure to do something special. I have a few ideas to share that shouldn't cost too much time or money!

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IDEA #1: Framed Picture with a Message

  • Take a picture of each boy (with your phone)
  • Use my Canva template (you can change the colors to match your team)
  • Print as pictures and have your boys sign it
  • Frame it! Here are a few options

12 Pack for under $30


Solid Wood Frame under $8/frame

IDEA #2: Baseball with an Autograph and Message from your Player

IDEA #3: Personalized Cooling Towels

  • Cooling Towels for those hot dads! If you have someone who can Cricut on your team have them add a team logo and your kid's number.

IDEA #4: A Coffee Bar!

  • Just get a coffee traveller from your place of choice (Starbucks, Dunkin, etc.) and bring the add ins...sugar, flavored creamers, and Bailey's (if that's how your team rolls)

IDEA #5: Bloody Mary Bar

IDEA #6: Yeti Beer Holder 

  • It's $25, but anything Yeti is appreciated. Bonus if you have someone Cricut a team logo. Double bonus if you fill it with cold beer for the dads!

IDEA #7: Custom Team Hat

  • This one takes some planning and costs a little more, but it was soooo loved by our dads. We made a special team hat that had a black logo on a black hat and then the son's number on the back. The color on color look is so cool! We worked with our local uniform vendor.

The key is to do SOMETHING! These dads deserve it! 



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