Mother's Day Celebration Ideas

Mother's Day Celebration Ideas


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Raise your hand if you have in the past or will be spending this Mother's Day at a kid's sporting event? Ok, everyone put your hands down, good to know I'm not alone!

I have spent the last 6 years at baseball games on Mother's Day....and I love it! A few times, my boys have given me the gift at being at the park all day to celebrate a Championship win! 

I love when coaches (or other parents on the team) plan a way to celebrate the team MVPs...MOMS!

Here are some fun ideas I've experienced and loved! They don't break the bank, but they do touch your heart! 

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Super Easy

  • Baseball with a message from your child. All you need to do is buy some nice baseballs and sharpies. Have your son write a nice message with a sharpie pen. We did a first pitch with our sons too, so hilarious! These are cute baseball holders too.
  • Mimosas! The key is to buy individual orange juices and some prosecco or champagne.
  • A coffee bar! Just get a coffee traveller from your place of choice (Starbucks, Dunkin, etc.) and bring the add ins...sugar, flavored creamers, and Bailey's (if that's how your team rolls)
  • Walk up & between inning songs that are mom/girl-themed. Click here for the Apple Music Playlist
  • Mother/Son photo. Moms are never in the pictures! If someone on your team has a decent camera (or even just the phone) this will be a great memory! Bonus points for giving a frame!
  • Tattoos! Don't worry they're temporary, have the players wear temporary tattoos showing their love for Mom
  • The day off! Ha! Don't book the game/tournament!

The one thing I would avoid are fresh cut flowers, it's such a nice gesture, but if you're at the field they won't last.

Takes some planning/ Investment (but they're worth it and will love it)

  • Pink/special jerseys--our boys wore the mom's names on the back, it was hilarious. They were just tshirt material and my boys still love to wear them
  • Personalized Stanley or Yeti tumblers in your team colors

The key is to do SOMETHING! These moms deserve it! 


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