Cooperstown Mock Awards

Cooperstown Mock Awards

Baseball With Link to Template for Cooperstown Awards

My husband was a coach for the 12U team, which means he had the privilege of sleeping in the barracks for a week. Despite it not being the most comfortable circumstances (no AC and beds that don't fit a 6'2" frame), he loved getting to spend true quality time with the team of 12 year-olds. 

It’s one thing to spend every weekend together in hotels and on the field. It’s a whole other thing to live together for a week!

One thing we did with a bunch of boys one night at dinner was mock elections. We just came up with some categories, typed them in the notes app on my phone, and the boys all quickly and easily responded in between all of their laughs.

I'm passing along this learning and idea in hopes it can bring some fun to your experience. I made a template of some ideas for Cooperstown Barracks mock elections including…

  • Cleanest Bunk
  • Best Pin Trader
  • Loudest Fart (the boys really loved this)
Cooperstown Mock Awards Template

    Coaches are eligible for these awards and fun too! I even included some for parents and siblings.

    I’ll definitely print and use these when we go with my younger son in a few years.


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