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Tips to Be Ready for Cooperstown Check-In Forms (Dreams Park)

**This post is for Dreams Park only. ASV forms are done electronically and need to be completed by 4/15**

How to be ready for check-in!

If you're here, you're the mom who has read the parent kit, checked out the Facebook groups, and has been asked or suckered into organizing the paperwork for your team. Congrats on being a Team Mom!

Two Months or Weeks Before Check-In

You'll want to make sure your team is aware of the paperwork required for check-in as some things may require a doctor's appointment (physical and vaccines) or tracking down lost paperwork (original birth certificates), which are not fun as last minute fire drills. 

Here are the forms that were required in 2023 (2024 forms were not available at the time of post and I've heard some forms may be going digital...yay!):


  • Camper Information Form
  • Physical/Cooperstown Examination (one of these is required, not both, but must be signed by your doctor)
  • Immunization Records (current record)
  • Parental Authorization
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Agreement to Participate with Waiver and Release of Liability (Players and Coaches)


  • Dietary Restrictions (only as necessary)
  • Copy of Insurance Card

We had two moms working together on our team to collect all the forms. We created a tracker with built-in conditional formatting for excel junkies! This allowed to easily share with the team what is still needed. If you purchase the Cooperstown Planning Made Easier eBook ($20), this is one of the 16 templates included!

Document Tracker Template Cooperstown Dreams Park

Organizing the Documents

The more organized and prepared you are, the more seamless the check-in. You'll have one adult (likely head coach) who will hand in the paperwork.


  • Use an accordion file folder. This one is PERFECT with 13 pockets!
  • Label a tab for each player in alphabetical order by last name. We had one tab for all 3 coaches
  • Organize each player's and coach's paperwork by Medical Forms, Birth Certificate and Agreement to Participate Waiver (to be confirmed once 2024 forms are available)
  • Place each player's stack of papers into their slot

Have this ready to go before you hit the road or get on the plane...we heard stories of kids not being able to play due to not having their paperwork (perhaps a Cooperstown urban legend).

Hoping these tips make it easier for you!



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