Make the Experience Even More Special with Swag!

Make the Experience Even More Special with Swag!

I know what you’re thinking…aren’t our kids spoiled enough with playing travel sports?!? Whether it’s your player’s first game, a big travel tournament like Cooperstown or Ripkin Experience, a great way to make it extra special is team swag.

I’ve been lucky to be on teams with Cricut Team Moms who are savvy, creative, and awesome at DIY. 

Another great route is to find a Team Mom who does swag as a business, check out Cooperstown Swag! These moms know what kids love and you can feel great supporting another Team Mom's business!

The best items are ones that the kids will use and ones that benefit from being personalized so you know whose is whose.

Here are some ideas of personalized items to include in Swag Bags, especially for Cooperstown. 

  • Pillowcase (with name or number)
  • Pin Towel with team logo
  • Team T-Shirt (to match team pin)
  • Water bottle (with name or number)
  • Thin beach towel that can be used for the shower (with name or number embroidered)
  • Pajama pants
  • Boxer briefs 
  • Slides (team logo and number)
  • Big head on a stick

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This is one of those items you don’t want to save for the last minute! Start planning today!



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